Questions? We have all the answers!

Looking for a specific question or can’t find your answer in the list below? Just give us a call 020 265 086 and talk to our wonderful team in person. We’d love to hear from you!

What do I have to do to launch my website in just 7 days?
Nothing… well almost nothing. Just pick your favorite plan (our advice: pick the one that best fits your business), fill out the briefing forms we send you and share your website content with us. That’s it! Once you’ve done that we’ll build your brand new website while you can sit back and relax. And after 7 days we’ll celebrate the launch!
What is included with your plans?
All of our plans are created with a specific entrepreneur in mind, and include everything needed to successfully launch, expand or fully upgrade their business. The Perfect Start plan offers a simple corporate landing page, the Next Level plan multiple web pages and the Fully Upgraded plan a complete e-commerce solution.
How long do I have to commit to a plan?
We want to support you for the long run. That’s why all of our plans offer a budget friendly solution with no strings attached! (stay with us as long as you want)
What about payment?
All of our plans consist of a monthly fee to be paid upfront from the date that you select the plan that best fits your current needs. Feel free to compare our plans here.
Can I get a discount?
Yeah! If you pay the total annual amount of your selected plan you’ll get a whopping 10% off the total price. Get perfect start for 540 euros per year, Next level for 1080 euros and Fully Upgraded for 2.160 euros.
How about upgrading or downgrading my plan?
No problem. You can upgrade or downgrade whenever you like. Of course you must pay the corresponding fee of your new plan in case of an upgrade. Should you choose to downgrade you’ll pay your current fee until the end of your initial contract.
What if I need extra’s that aren’t included in my current plan?
You can customize your plan according your needs. Just send an email to and our team will contact you to see what we can do for you.
Can 7days2go help grow my business?
Yes! We go beyond just delivering you a brand new website to promote your business. All our plans include access to experts on marketing communication and business development, plus an exclusive newsletter with tips and tricks on how to build a long term relationship with your clients.
How can I reach you guys for personal assistance?
From the moment you’ll sign up you get your very own project manager. This will be your contact throughout the whole process of launching your website and keeping it up-to-date.
Will my website be optimized for smartphones and tablets?
Totally! All our websites are 100% optimized for both desktop and mobile devices to offer your visitors the best experience.